Special Issue 2019

A Focus on Nutritional and Health Status in the MENA and Africa

Special Issue Editors

Specialty/Guest Editors - The NAJFNR



Pr. Hassan Aguenaou  

Ibn Tofail University, Kenitra, MOROCCO.   E-Mail I

Pr. Khedidja Mekki

Ahmed Ben Bella University of Oran 1, ALGERIA  E-Mail I

Pr. Rachida Allem

Hassiba Benbouali University of Chlef, ALGERIA   E-Mail I

Pr. Rekia Belahsen

Chouaïb Doukkali University of El Jadida, MOROCCO  E-Mail I

Pr. Leila Houti 

Ahmed Ben Bella University of Oran 1, ALGERIA   E-Mail I

Pr. Henrietta Ene-Obong 
University of Calabar, Department of Biochemistry, Calabar, NIGERIA E-Mail I


Dr. Mustapha Diaf

Djillali Liabes University of Sidi-Bel-Abbes, ALGERIA   E-Mail I

Dr. Basil H. Aboul-Enein

London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, UNITED KINGDOM  E-Mail I

Pr. Jaafar Heikel

University Mohammed 6 Polytechnic, MOROCCO  E-Mail I

Dr. Amos Laar

School of Public Health, University of Ghana, GHANA E-Mail I

Co-Editors - The NAJFNR

  • Pr. Rachid Malek (Algeria)

  • Pr. Jamal Belkhadir (Morocco)   

  • Pr. Reema Fayez Tayyem (Jordan) 

  • Pr. Fatima-Zahra Azzaoui (Morocco)    

  • Pr. Jalila El Ati (Tunisia)

  • Pr. Amina Barkat (Morocco)   

  • Pr. Rachida Roky (Morocco) 

  • Pr. Ahmed Boualga (Algeria)

  • Pr. Abdelmajid Soulaymani (Morocco)

  • Pr. Hicham El Berri (Morocco)

  • Pr. Slimane Mehdad (Morocco)

  • Dr. Nada Benajiba (KSA)

  • Dr. Bachir Benarba (Algeria)   

  • Dr. Farzana Saleh (Bangladesh)  

  • Dr. Hala AL-Otaibi (KSA)  

  • Dr. Suhad S. Abumweis (Jordan)

  • Dr. Mickaël Rialland (France)

  • Dr. Onyinye Ezeh (UK)

  • Dr. Davut Baltaci (Turkey)

  • Dr. Mohamed Abu-Farha (Kuwait)

  • Dr. Farah Naja (Lebanon)

  • Dr. Mohammed El Mzibri (Morocco)

  • Dr. Fatima Zohra Laamiri (Morocco)

  • Dr. Nihada Ahmetovic (BOSNIA and HERZEGOVINA)

  • Dr. Linda Majdoub-Mathlouthi (Tunisia)

  • Dr. Khalid El Kari (Morocco)

  • Dr. Hajar Kiai (Spain)

  • Dr. Ayoub AL Jawaldeh (Egypt)

  • Dr. Farida Benmeziane (Algeria)   

  • Dr. Meriem Bencharif (Algeria)  

  • Dr. Elom K Aglago (France)

  • Dr. Sanou Dia (Ethiopia)




Special Issue Information

Dear NAJFNR Editors,

The NAJFNR (ISSN: 2588-1582) is currently running a special issue entitled “A Focus on Nutritional and Health Status in the MENA and Africa” Volume 03, Special Issue 2019.

Rates of diet-related chronic disease are increasing globally. Over the last few decades the MENA and Africa have been witnessing changes in lifestyle and a drastic shift from a traditional to an industrialized/westernized diet consisting of increased preprocessed foods, sugars, fats, alcohol, animal products, saturated- and trans-fatty acids, and relatively less vitamins and minerals with decreased consumption of milk, fruits, and vegetables. This has led to an unprecedented increase in the prevalence of obesity and overweight through reduction in physical activity, cancers, chronic and metabolic diseases, and the rates of micro-nutrients deficiencies in all population categories.

This special issue is dedicated to increasing and updating our knowledge on the association of dietary pattern and diet-related diseases in the MENA and African countries. We seek rigorous empirical original research, reviews, meta-analysis, focus and point of view, research methodologies or theoretical works. We look forward significant contributions that will appeal to an international audience of researchers, managers, educators, and policy makers


The journal does not charge any author submission fees. Upon submission to NAJFNR, manuscripts may not be submitted to another journal while under review, nor should they have been previously published. All manuscripts are reviewed by a minimum of two (2) referees with expertise in research relevant to the manuscript topic. Results of the review and consideration for decision (acceptance, suggestions for revision, or fully justified rejection) by the editorial board, will be communicated rapidly to authors. Review the complete Instructions for Authors page at https://www.najfnr.org/instructions.

How to submit?

The North African Journal of Food and Nutrition Research receives all manuscript submissions electronically via the website. Seeking Submission date (deadline) November 15th, 2019. Please visit the web-page https://www.najfnr.org/submission to download necessary files.

Please feel free to contact the Editorial Office Assistants if you require additional information or further clarification.

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