Special Issue 2019

Shaping the Future of Food Chemistry in MENA Countries

Special Issue Editors

Specialty/Guest Editor - The NAJFNR

Pr. Khodir MADANI  

Abderrahmane Mira University of Bejaia, ALGERIA.   E-Mail I Website 

Co-Editors - The NAJFNR

  • Dr. Dahmoun Farid Associate Editor (Algeria) 

  • Dr. Remini Hocine Associate Editor (Algeria) 

  • Pr. Mouni Lotfi  Associate Editor (Algeria)    

  • Dr. Aoun Omar Associate Editor (Algeria)   

  • Dr. Dairi Sofiane Associate Editor (Algeria)   

  • Dr. Belbahi Amine Associate Editor (Algeria)  

  • Dr. Kadri Nabil  Associate Editor (Algeria)   

  • Dr. Zribi Akram Associate Editor (KSA)   

  • Dr. Boughellout Halima Associate Editor (Algeria)  

  • Dr. Farida Benmeziane  Associate Editor (Algeria)  

  • Dr. Mohamed G.E Gadallah Associate Editor (Uruguay)   

  • Dr. Mohammed Gagaoua Associate Editor (France)  

  • Dr. Midhat Nabil Bin Ahmad Salimi Associate Editor (Malaysia)  

  • Dr. Mehdi Yamina Associate Editor (Algeria) 


Special Issue Information

The NAJFNR is currently running a special issue entitled “Shaping the future of Food Chemistry in MENA countries” in Volume 03, Special Issue, 2019.

We think, you could make an excellent contribution, based on your expertise and experience in the field, to enrich this special issue.


Our aim is to publish rigorous empirical original research, reviews, meta-analysis, research methodologies or theoretical works. We seek significant contributions that will appeal to an international audience of researchers, managers, educators, and policy makers. Potential topics include (but are not limited to) conceptual and practical issues shaping the future of food chemistry in MENA countries and relevant to food processing and industry. As it is well established that the chemical processes occurring inside foods, determine their nutritional value, taste, texture and freshness.

The journal welcomes manuscripts of high scientific quality that are relevant to the scope Food Chemistry. The journal does not charge any author submission fees. Upon submission to NAJFNR, manuscripts may not be submitted to another journal while under review, nor should they have been previously published. All manuscripts are reviewed by a minimum of two (02) referees with expertise in research relevant to the manuscript topic. Results of the review and consideration for decision (acceptance, suggestions for revision, or fully justified rejection) by the editorial board, will be communicated rapidly to authors.

Review the complete Instructions for Authors page at https://www.najfnr.org/instructions.

How to submit?

The North African Journal of Food and Nutrition Research receives all manuscript submissions electronically via the website. Seeking Submission date 30 October 2019. Please visit the webpage https://www.najfnr.org/submission to download necessary files.

Please feel free to contact the Editorial Office Assistants if you require additional information or further clarification.

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