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Journal Metrics

See the full metrics, citations, etc. of the NAJFNR on here


The 2020's metrics:

Review Process Speed

  • Submission to first decision: Average time from manuscript submission to the initial decision on the article. 10 days

  • Submission to final decision: Average time from manuscript submission to the final editorial decision whether it is acceptance or rejection. 72 days (≈ 10 weeks)

  • Manuscript acceptance to article first online: Average time from manuscript acceptance to the final appearance online. 15 days (≈ 2 weeks)

  • Time to publication: Average time from manuscript submission to online publication. 97 days (≈ 14 weeks)

Authors and Reviewers Affiliations:


The percentage of foreign authors and reviewers of accepted articles, compared to all authors and reviewers, is summarized on figure bellow.

Acceptance Rate: 87%

Authors and Reviewers Affiliations: 48% (Foreign Authors), 54% (Foreign Reviewers)

Acceptance rate.png
Review process.png
Authors and Reviewers.png
Senior Editors: 50                         
Associate Editors: 34 
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