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NAJFNR is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that publishes original research articles, review articles, and clinical studies in all areas of nutrition and metabolism.


The journal hosts the proceedings of relevant congresses and presents shorter notices focused on the original character of the Mediterranean and North African nutritional civilization. In addition, this journal is intended as a platform for scientific debate and knowledge-sharing among students professionals and researchers, and between them and the broader scientific community, and finally as a tool making nutrition a development priority in Africa through enhancing scientific cooperation.


The average time between submission and the final decision is 45 days. The time between acceptance and online publication is less than 15 days.

Papers with a major focus on traditional medicine will not be accepted.

Direct rejection: Submitted manuscripts can be rejected without given comments after initial review by an editor if the manuscripts are considered inappropriate or of insufficient importance for publication in the NAJFNR. Submitted manuscripts will not be reviewed if they fail to match the aims and scope of the journal, or if they do not conform to standard English usage and do not meet the formatting requirements.


Specific topics covered in the journal include :

  1. Food Composition and Dietary Intake Assessment

  2. Epidemiology, and the Prevalence of Related Disorders such as Obesity, Diabetes, Dyslipidemias, etc.

  3. Biochemistry and Cellular Metabolism of Nutrients

  4. Dietary Strategies and Nutrition Education

  5. Food Security and Challenges

  6. Food Behavior and Quality of Life

  7. Public Health Policy & Health Economics

  8. Nutrition and Cancer

  9. Food Chemistry and Engineering

  10. Human and Clinical Nutrition

  11. Food Processing and Packaging

  12. Nutrition, Physical Activity and Sport

  13. Infant, Child, and Adolescent Nutrition

  14. Nutrition and Immune-regulation

  15. Nutrition and Reproduction

  16. ​Food Environment and NCDs

  17. Food Microbiology and Safety

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