Making Nutrition a Development  Priority in Africa

Making Nutrition a Development  Priority in Africa

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Pr. Meghit Boumediene Khaled, PhD

Editor Office Manager

Dr. Mustapha Diaf, PhD

ISSN : 2588-1582

DOI : http://dx.doi.org/10.51745/najfnr

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Frequency : 2 issues / year (Accepted articles are directly published on the website)

AbbreviationNor. Afr. J. Food  Nutr. Res.

Acronym: NAJFNR


The  North  African Journal of
Food and Nutrition Research

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Editor's quote


"The Mediterranean diet, known to maintain good health and promote longevity, has been gradually abandoned by populations in Southern Europe, North Africa, and the Near East as reported by the F.A.O. High rates of overweight and obesity, as reported by several studies, are not limited to the European Mediterranean countries (Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal) and recalls what the W.H.O. says for two years: emerging economies are Increasingly affected. Among them, Algeria.

During the last few decades, there has been a great interest in the field of nutrition and health. The North African Journal of Food and Nutrition Research aims to encourage scientists and physicians of all fields to publish their works in order to promote nutrition and education among all concerned communities in Africa. Furthermore, the purpose of the journal is to provide balanced, reliable, and updated data for researchers and health care professionals, to facilitate decisions and management of metabolic diseases related to nutritional status."

Prof. Meghit Boumediene KHALED

Editor-in-Chief /Founder

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Issue 12 (Latest accepted and published articles)
July - December 2021 : Volume 5 - Issue 12
Review Articles

Zizyphus lotus (L.) Lam. plant treatment by ultrasounds and microwaves to improve antioxidants yield and quality: An overview

Berkani, F., Serralheiro, M. L., Dahmoune, F., Mahdjoub M., Kadri, N., dairi, S., Achat S., Remini, H., Abbou, A., Adel, K., & Madani, K.

Nor. Afr. J. Food Nutr. Res. Volume 5. Issue 12. Published date:  17 July 2021

https://doi.org/10.51745/najfnr.5.12.53-68  (Newly Published Article

Original Articles

Effect of virgin olive and Pistacia Lentiscus oils fortified with tomato lycopene on biochemical parameters in Wistar rats

Aidoud A., Elahcene O., Abdellaoui Z., Yahiaoui K., & Bouchenak O.

Nor. Afr. J. Food Nutr. Res. Volume 5. Issue 12. Published date:  18 July 2021

https://doi.org/10.51745/najfnr.5.12.69-74  (Newly Published Article

Short Communications

Determination of the mineral profile of raw and roasted lentil flour after addition to yogurt

Benmeziane-Derradji F., Aoufi D., Ayat N.E.H. & Djermoune-Arkoub L.

Nor. Afr. J. Food Nutr. Res. Volume 5. Issue 12. Published date:  25 July 2021

https://doi.org/10.51745/najfnr.5.12.75-78  (Newly Published Article

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